I've had this problem before, but hit reset and it worked fine. This afternoon I can't get past this screen. It says detecting IDE drives... and just sits. I can't even hit Delete to enter BIOS. I've had overclock failures before and I go into BIOS and hit loda optimized defaults and that fixes that problem for a little while at least. I dont' know what's up with that either, but I can't get past that screen to do anything.

Is it a problem with overheating maybe?

I don't know how accurate it is, but here's what that screen lists for temps:

System: 91

CPU fan 5443 RPM


Several things:


I've had overclock failures before

Are ya currently overclocking it?

2) I wouldnt always trust the temperature gauge built into the computer ;)

That's some great insight, but doesn't really help me any.

I did mean to write that I'm not overclocking it. Never have.

I don't trust the built in temp guages. I simply put that incase someone would have some actual insight into the problem.

Thanks for trying though.

Anyone else?

Have ya tried removing/replacing the CMOS battery?

No, I just opened the case and all of a sudden it booted up. I'm thinking maybe the IDE cable is bad or for some reason was a bit loose. I didn't touch it when it booted up though and I'm not sure how it would get loose, I never touch the CPU.