I have got a seagate 80gb hard drive but because i have such an old bios my computer could only see it as 33gb. I recived the computer from my uncle he set it up with the a dynamic drive overlay by using the seagate disc wizard. when i got the computer i could use the full capacity of the drive. I set up another partion at the end of the disk with all my files on it. I have had it for a couple months working fine. Then this morning it boots up to the blue ddo screen and says that the hal.dll file is missing. I haven't made a backup of my files. I have no idea how to reinstall the ddo and windows xp pro. hopefully if i get windows xp working again i should be able to recover my files.
does anyone no how ti reinstall the ddo and windows xp pro?


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hi adam! welcome to daniweb!

i didn't get what is ddo. partition size limitation cn be caused by several reasons, the first one it you want to make a fat32 partition and windows allow you the max size 32Gb, to make a bigger fat32 partition you need to use 3d party partition progs like disk director.
the second is you didn't install SP2, so your windows can't support large drives(but i think that the most common reason is first.)
to reinstall windows you need to insert installation disk and boot from it and go throgh the installation process.

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