Hello. I bought a new case and placed my older system in it. Dissapointingly, it shuts off at random and also shuts off when i attempt to play games, or use an graphically intensive programs. However, i reinstalled my old system back to my old case and everything is working fine again.

I found this very starange, and could it possibly be because of the computer case?

it means your gfx card and/or cpu is overheating. Did you use thermal paste, heatsinks and fans and attatch them correctly?

buy a new gfx card fan and you should be ok

I thought it was the heat at first, but the case is actually bigger and has more ventilation. like i said, when i switch everything back to the old case (which is actually smaller and has less ventilation) everything works fine again. This is very wierd.

Any other suggestions welcome :)

Just because a case is bigger, doesn't mean it has more ventilation.
I would probably just install an extra fan or two. Or if you really have the money, buy a water cooling system, actually don't do that, water + electricity = bad combination.

i agree i have a water cooled custom case with a heatsink that is the size of the wholse side panel and like 12 fans and it somehow gets hotter than my server of equal spec which is smaller and has 2 fans

Thnks for the responses. i think ill just return the case, or buy a new vid card (maybe a budget one like rad. 9600xt) that wont heat up as much as the x800gto that i have, and hope the same problem wont occur. Ive had bad experiences with aftermarket coolers, so i probably wont bother with that.

Thanks again, and if there are any other suggestions, feel free to respond :)