Hi All,

Lets start from the beginning... I recently bought second hand a 3 year old ATi Radeon 9800 Pro 256-bit 128MB card.. Installed it, currently on catalyst 6.1 driver. Now the problem is that every few seconds or so, the screen flickers yellow... the whole screen, everything, turns a shade of yellow... it can last as few as half a second, sometimes, 1-3 seconds before turning to normal... then it starts to flicker again. It seems that it flickers when there is alot of movement on the screen.

I've tried reinstalling the drivers a few times, even tried the omega drivers, still no improvement.

This never happened on my old card, so i'm pretty sure its a hardware or software compatibility issue...

Pls HELP!!!

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i have the same problem. have a geforce fx5200 128mb graphics card and a benq fp767 tft screen. had the screen replaced and still occurs, updated all graphics card drivers so im guessing its the graphics card - gona replace soon!

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