I bought myself a Radeon card today, and everything installed and runs perfectly, except for one thing.

The desktop is limited to a specific section to where i can drag and drop files! I can move the mouse all over the desktop, i can drag programs into the "dead" area. Its hard to describe the problem, so ill do my best. Whenever you drag a program box, the little gray lines appear around the outside. If you drag this off of what the Gfx card thinks is the desktop, the lines will disappear at that limit, but if you let go, it shows up as if nothing happened. Its a really hard problem to try and describe, but it does it with every video card i have, with everymonitor.

i know you guys dont understand a word of the problem but its hard to describe and im gonna go nuts if i dont get it fixed

Ill post a little video clip tomorrow on what the problem is.

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nevermind. my computer rebooted itself due to updates and the problem was fixed

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