Hi everybody, this is my first post, I've come for help out of sheer desperation. Here's what happens everytime I try to play a DVD on my machine:

‘Analog copy protection violation. Windows cannot play this copy protected disk because it cannot verify that the video outputs on your DVD and/or VGA cards support copy protection.
Possible causes:
(1) One of the drivers (DVD or VGA) does not fully support the adapter’s capabilities, in which case installing an updated driver may help

(2) The hardware does not support copy protection. You may be able to get around the problem by unplugging any cables connected to the video outputs on your computer. Otherwise please contact your system manufacturer..’

All I want to be able to do on my machine is watch DVD's. I've got a Dell Dimension 8300 machine. I recently installed a DVD writer drive into the empty drive bay. My machine came with a CD writer/DVD player drive, so I installed a DVD writer drive to free some space on my hard drives, its an Emprex 16x DVD RW drive.

Anyway things were going fine for a month or so, I could watch DVD's on the old DVD-read drive or the new DVD RW drive, I used Cyberlink PowerDVD which came with my machine. I'm running Windows XP with all of the latest updates. Then about two weeks ago everytime I put a DVD into either drive, PowerDVD would open automatically as usual, then when the loading bar filled up it would just do nothing. I pressed play again, the same thing would happen. Its driving me nuts!!

I reinstalled the PowerDVD software the first time this happened and it worked once. I could watch a DVD. But next time I started up the machine and put in a DVD the old problem was back. I tried reinstallation of Power DVD but nothing works now. I've looked at loads of Techie forums for people who've had the same problem and found no Remedies. I've got an NVIDIA GeForce MX 420 video card, I went to the NVIDIA website downloaded the driver updates and reinstalled my video card and STILL NOTHING WILL MAKE MY DVD DRIVE PLAY DVDS!!

Has anyone got any ideas on what I can do?? Or is this the first EVER unsolvable computer problem??


PLEASE HELP!! ANYONE?? I'll give you gold

I think I just fixed the problem. I reinstalled the video card, restarted the machine, then reinstalled PowerDVD and now my DVD's are playing again. It must've been the order in which I uninstalled/reinstalled things

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