Hi Guys,
I didnt't know where to post a thread on this topic so I just randomly selcted this area. Well, I just got new speakers and headset/mic cause I thought my mic and speakers was causing this humming sound when I used my mic. But I found out that when I unpluged my mic when I was testing it on "Teamspeak" (Gaming Conversation program thing" that it wasnt the mic that was causing the humming problem; its something else. I still got the humming sound when i unpluged the mic, which was wierd. Then afterwards, I moved the wires in the back of my computer and it makes more of a noise when i do that...

Does anyone know what the problem could be? cause i'm out of ideas and this computer is almost a year old and I dont think it would be the sound card..

Jon Fredricks

the Peripherals forum would be the place to put it I guess a mod will probably move it.

It could probably be picking up fan noise or something or there is dust on your graphics card im not really sure you should probably just open the sucker up and take a look.

I dont think there is any dust...dust wouldnt cause that problem. My fan is hardly even loud at all...like u cant even hear it...

Thanks for the effort...please someone help me...i'll pay you lol

If your up for paying people try google answers. Microphones are tricky thats why its sortof hard there are so many things that could be causing your problem

Nah I was just joking, but ya I really want to know what could be the problem. Anyone else know what the problem could be? I would love to hear from yeah.