This is the strangest thing which has ever happened to me personally, and some strange things happen when I try to power up.

I recently attached a Lite-On DVD-RW to my computer using the correct method of attaching all necessary wires (or what I like to call wires, I'm more of a Computer-when-it's-on guy than a Technical one so I don't know what the wires are called :P). While my computer was open I noticed one of my RAM sticks was loose (which is why my computer probably said my RAM was 256MB, when I had 512 installed) so I put it back into place and used thos thing to connect it securely. I then proceeded to press the power button on my computer and heard my computer begin to run.

This is where the problems began. I noticed my monitor failed to be recognised by the computer, and the keyboard wasn't recognised either. The monitor was displaying that there wasn't a signal, and the keyboard was just dead. I also noticed my green power light on the front of the computer wasn't on, however the small orange one indicating my computer was 'starting up', or loading something from the hard drive, was. I thought that obviously something was wrong, so I held the power button in for 5 seconds to shut the system down.

I took the side casing back off the computer and suddenly the computer gave itself a small boost of power (about a tenth of a second or so) in which the fan on the CPU spun, and my mouse lit up (it glows red when there is power to to it, it's optical :p ). This happened around every 5 seconds or so until I removed the power cable from the computer.

I then removed the DRD-RW from the computer, and then proceeded to try the computer again. The same happened. I kept on trying, with different things happening. Sometimes the fan wouldn't spin, sometimes the green power light came on, but all the itme my monitor and keyboard didn't work and neither did my computer.

I took the computer to a friends house (who is the one who knows more about the internals of a computer), and we realised that my CPU had became extremely hot within a few seconds. We tried switching the power pack, it didn't work. We tried switching to a different CPU, it didn't work.

I know that maybe me plugging the loose RAM back in may have done something, but is there anyway I can get my computer working again? I'm not so good with the technical side of things, and really can't afford to buy a new computer/Motherboard/CPU. I have just recently bought 8MB BroadBand too, to which I now have to pay for without even having a computer to use it with.

Please can somebody help me.. :sad:

EDIT - My computer had the following specs:

Intel Celeron 2.5GHz
512mb RAM Memory (was 128)
80GB Hard Disk (was 40)
CDRW/DVD Combo Drives
64 mb Graphics card (onboard)
TriGem IM845GL (imperial) motherboard.

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Still got this problem, anyone know how to resolve? :)

hi, can you try using your RAM in other computer and check if it can work, try to remove all the data cables attached to the motherboard, i mean try to boot up your computer using RAM and CPU only so you can isolate any possible problem check if it works..i'll be around if there's anything i can help..

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