Hey guys i have a windows 2000 server running raid 1 (mirror) that reboots erratically. The computer usually doesnt have a monitor, mouse, or keyboard attached so i dont believe it is due to a short out of any device like that.

Last week i hooked up a monitor to the computer and found out that the computer has been shutting down peacefully. Although this isnt bad news, it certaily doesnt stop it from happening all the same.

Ive checked for a virus, norton, random shutdown service, overheating, stopped fan, harddrive failure, etc etc. This all checks out. no aspect of the computer seems off except taht once in a while it shuts off on its own without warning.

Does anyone know how i could go about researching this problem further as it has me stumped. Please reply if you have any suggestions.

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Hey guys i found that the anti virus that was in use to check for viruses was out of date, a more recent version from bitdefender found 4 viruses and i left it running.

I think the viruses were spotty performance at first then fine tuned ones. At first there were reports in the event log that the shutdowns were unexpected. now the computer shutsdown without a report, and completely silently, windows doesnt complain at all.

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