Hello i formatted my PC today and when i came back online i went to record some sound but i was unable to hear myself through my microphone i could only hear sound which was on my PC so if i played music i could hear music being played twice. i have all sounds upto max and microphone has a select in recording. any help would be kind! thanks!

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I've got the same problem. Just two days ago my microphone was working fine as I chatted on ventrillo and Battlefield2. The next day the only thing my friend on vent could hear was some music I was playing on the computer. I fiddled around with it and still I can't get the mic to input anything. I've tried recording useing sound recording, but with the mic plugged in or unplugged the only thing it will record are sounds my pc is making, only very faintly. To hear the music recorded by sound recorder I have to turn the speakers all the way up.

Initially I thought it was my cheap case's front audio ports giving me trouble again as previously it was screwing up my speakers (muting certain channels when there was no headphones in, flicked it a few times and the sound restored). So I stopped using headphones in my front audio ports. Then when I got microphone troubles I decided to just unplug the forward audio port wires from the motherboard altogether. After calling the manufacturer and getting the list of pins that need to be jumpered and getting all the speakers working properly again, I still have the same exact problem with the mic. I can hear the cracks and pops in the speakers as I plug the mic in, but it still doesn't record anything. I'm stumped. I wish I could test another microphone to see if thats the problem but I need to go buy another one to do that : /


Heh, just had a neighbor come over to help me out and he brought his own mic to test it with. Plugged his mic in, and what do you know! It worked! Not sure what caused my microphone to suddenly cut out two days ago but there you go. I guess it's common for sounds on the computer to bleed over into the microphone input faintly. :shrug:

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