Yesterday my PSU popped and smoked. Sent it off under warranty for replacement but bought a new one (hiper power 580w) as i needed my machine. The power led on the mobo is now lit, but nothing happens when i press the power switch- does not post/boot or even power up the fans.
Would the psu have fried any components when it died? (it is supposed to be protected in such an event)

Am i right in thinking that the cpu or ram are probably dead- explaining the fact it wont even turn on?

However, i have just realised that the mobo's chip heatsink has become hot even though the machine is not on (but power is connected). Does this mean that the problem is with the mobo?

Thanks in advance.

I had the exact same thing happen. (the computer wasn't even on when it popped) Replace with a known working PSU and only get but a flicker of power when I switch it on.

If the heatsink feels that warm without the machine even running, then it'd be my guess something may have shorted out on the mobo.