Hello everyone,I would like to pick your large brain's for a second.Is it possable to remove a ethernet card from one computer and install it in another that doesnt have a ethernet card?This is why I ask,My nephew was recently given a old comp that never had hi speed,so tonight I tried to hook up a speed stream modem and get him surfing the net(he has been waiting for months)problem is he doesnt have a ethernet card.I understand you can also use a usb cable to hook up but the port for the usb on the back of the modem is not the same size as the extra cables I have kicking around.(I didn't even know there where different sizes of usb cables).So I got thinking my old computer that kicked the bucket(ground fault) has a ethernet card that I might be able to remove and install in his and end this maddness,but something tells me it wont be that simple.
I know some will read this and say"just take it to the shop and have a ethnet card installed",Problem is we live in a very remote part of NovaScotia and there are no computer shop's for miles and miles.
Can anyone here help?
I hope so

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yeah just plug it in it should be plug and play if its winxp - even then it probably will work

there will be some configuration of ip adresses needed

install it like any other card it should work i recently put a budget ralink 10/100 ethernet card from like a year ago in a pc circa 1995 and it worked fine

There are 3 sizes of USB cables

TheresMiniusb - Cameras and phones etc..... Then theres the regular "big" usb and another usb where one end is regular but the device end is more square - these are the sort you have for printers and scanners etc....... (and modems)

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