Hello! I'm trying to fix my sister-in-laws e-machines T2080. The six wires (green/white twisted combo, red/white, black/white; three connectors) between the front panel and the motherboard are disconnected and not labeled. Can anyone tell me where each of these connectors attach to the motherboard? And what the orientation of same is? Thx for any help you can offer!

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If I understood correctly, you have 6 loose wires hanging from a front panel and you have 3 connectors. And ever (colour)/white is one connector.

Green/white is the power LED. If you reverse them, led will almost not work. (no harm done)

Red/white could be reset button. There is no polarity there.

Black/white....hmmm...Power switch maybe? Or speaker?

Why don't you post thing that are on front panel and things that you have connected successfully.

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