Hi all!

I have an Acer Travelmate 2300 that is causing me a few headaches!

The machine will freeze when in Windows XP Home or the install of it - it works fine when I booted the laptop and tested the memory and hardrive in the pre-xp environment.

It sometimes won't power up when you press the on button and takes a load of tapping (like Daley Thompson's Decathlon on the Spectrum :cheesy: ) to power up - once it does its merely mins before it either freezes (most often) or switches off.

I have tested the AC Adapter - 19v DC pumping through it (which is fine) the battery has been replaced and recharged and still it does this.

All the extras have been removed, I have stripped it down and there are no signs of burnt out components and I have reapplied Artic Silver 5 compuind on CPU on Heatsink - what do you guys reckon?

When I was putting the thing back together again, I tried disconnecting the CMOS battery and I managed to reinstall XP Home FINALLY!!) (The hardrive was corrupt after I ran the Hitachi Drive Test)

Any assistance GREATLY appreciated :lol:

Update - I can OPERATE SAFEMODE and laptop does not crash or anything! What can it be!???