:?:I installed Ghost 10.0 and thought I had cloned my primary drive to a slave drive. When I tried to use the Ghost floppy and cd to reboot I can only find the files on the D drive partition and the recovery points are no where to be found on the computer. I cannot see any files on the slave drive either. So now the Ghost is of no help to me. I called Symantec and they said call Sony.
I tried to start computer without Ghost and all I see is the Sony logo then the Pentium logo. None of the "f" commands work as Sony instructed me to use. So after the logos the black screen with the message "operating system missing" is all I am able to see. Before I use the recovery disk is there any software that can help me to boot and hopefully try to save my email and other files on the C drive? :cry:

:) Hi. I just had a problem with my Sony Vaio Laptop purchased within the past 2 years and hardly used. I turned it on after using it for a few minutes the night before and within 5 minutes of it being turned on the screen went blue or black and had a message that let me know that it Windows was shutting down to avoid further damage to me computer. WHAT!?! When I turned it on again, it wouldn't go past the Sony Vaio page and would just have a black screen with "Missing Operating System" on the top left corner. The Vaio hadn't come with any backup or recovery CD's. Spoke with computer gurus & finally sent my laptop off with one who said the C drive was completely gone, but he would set up my D drive for me. He worked on that for a while and there was a tiny (6MB? or something like that) drive he mentioned to me that he couldn't get in to or figure out how to. Today, he called and said it was the "recovery" drive! HURRAY! The way to activate it is to push F10. It is now redoing my missing C drive that was there all along. Apparently, Sony has also not been upgrading any of the software, etc. even though I had registered my laptop. Hope this helps any of you with this problem.

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