My notebook has some trouble:

When the notebook is connected to the AC Adaptor, it starts to boot but automatically shutdown after the 'Sony' logo. It can't be reboot afterward for a short period of time (usually 5-10 minutes).

However, there is no problem when it is not connected to the AC Adaptor. It works well by battery supply.

Is it the problem due to AC Adaptor? Or due to the mother board?

** The battery can be recharged by the AC Adaptor when the notebook is SHUTOFF...


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Usually when a computer turns off and has to be left for a while before it will turn on again it is because it is overheating.

Does your BIOS have an option to let you check the CPU temperature?

Does the machine switch off after a while if you leave it in just BIOS with no peripherals attached? If it does, there's definitely a hardware or overheating problem. If it doesn't, it doesn't really prove anything and could still be due to overheating.

From what I've seen, laptops can suck in a lot of dust because of where they are often used (laps and bedrooms, on top of duvets) and this leads to the problems you described as the fan and ducts get clogged up. Sometimes, just a good clean out is needed, but other times the CPU has to be reseated.


I think it's not due to overheat problem.

I boot it to windows screen and once I switch on ac power supplier, it shuts down immediately...


Well, it's up to you.

If you can think of a better explanation for not turning on for a while after shutting down, go for it ;)

What harm is there, though, in the absence of any better explanation, setting out to prove or eliminate the overheating hypothesis? One way or the other it takes you firmly in the direction of finding out the real cause, and is a whole that better than simply 'not thinking' it can be overheating.

I believe most laptops consume more power when on mains. That's more heat generated.

What happens if you take the battery out and power just from mains? Will it turn on immediately after shutdown then? If it still doesn't, the only thing I can think of preventing it starting really can be heat.

Does it shut down in exactly the same place each time?

You've got to try something to try and narrow it down.

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