hi all

due to a problem with my BIOS on my p4 sadly iam going to have to format my harddrive but before i do i want to transfer data from my xp pro hard drive on to my 2000 pro hard drive , they are both NTFS file system. could someone please help me by way of steps or guide so i do this properly.

as far as i know i have to take my xp pro hard drive and make it the slave and the 2000 pro hard drive the master, thats pritty much as far as i can go.

being the same file system they should see eachother ?
iam told it should work.

once the above is done i need to format the xp pro hard drive not really sure how to do that either :cry:

i dont really know what u need to know in order for u to help me so please ask if u need to know any info and i'll do my best to give u what i can ;)

thanks in advance for ur help:cheesy:

:evil: Angelus :evil:

As long as you don't want to boot to XP, that should work.

However, if you can you still boot up with the XP computer, I think you'd be better off to put your Win2K drive in the XP computer as a slave in order to transfer your data.

Here is a thread with links to complete instructions for reinstalling XP:
(If I remember correctly, I believe it even has tips on backing up)

hi dlh6213

thank you for ur time and ur help :lol:

:evil: Angelus :evil:

Hi I am Mahesh Kumar
if you want transfer data from one hard drive to other drive than following it do:
first one attach both hard disk to computer than you check it both working if yes than you one disk data move to other hard disk if any problem in this case than you email me <manumaheshkumar@gmail.com>

I have a new cellphone. but the book (instructions) for it are online and I cannot access it. The lady at the dealership transferred the book to a flash drive (Kingason) and it fits my machine, but I don't know how to get it to transfer to my machine so I can print it out. Help???

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