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I have been using speakers with my PC(Windows Xp) which works fine. Now I wanted to talk to my friends online so I tried to plug in my headset with attached microphone. I can hear fine on the headset(listen to music hear sounds on theweb etc.) but I can't hear my voice or use my microphone for talking to people.

My headset has 2 jacks which I have plugged into 2 sockets at the back of the harddrive.

I tried using sound recorder but its not taking any input means i can't hear any voice on playback.I have done the microphone configuration. Please help me, I can't figure it out. Microphone is working well on my friends PC.Thanks XX

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Thanx for ur reply.....but i didn't get ur question properly......
I hav plugged the headset/mic at the back of computer according to the symbols given......


my microphone/headphone has two pin each for hedphone n microphone which is plugged respectively.....


yes its there...i have checked all the configuration...can there be any problem with my sound card....well speakers are working fine....tell me any way to check if my sound card is working fine or not.....thanx


I can't get the sound indicator to register ;when using skype - i can hear t;he other person, but they can't hear me.
I have a mac ibookg4 laptop with a built in mike.

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