I have the same problem and I know for a fact that it is the monitor. I have a Dell E2209Wc and it is stuck in standby and will not come out. I tried all of the tricks and had to get aqnother monitor and hook it to my computer and everything works fine now. So I am stuck with a Monitor that is in Standby. Can anyone tell me how to get it out ?

I think that this may be motherboard problem or RAM problem. You should change your RAM or motherboard. It can be solved by cleaning and reinserting the RAM again. If it is motherboard problem then it is better to change whole systme. I found theis site (computersspecs.com) reliable for the prices and specs of different computers according to the market.

I agree, I tried it, holding the power button solves this kind of problem.

i have a Radeon x1650 for pc fan is still running everything seems like its working just fine no display tho just a black screen when it starts. need help!

Dear islander7,
I suggest you that to follow a simple and logical
methode of troubleshooting,that is;

1.Check your high voltage module that is below your LCD by replacing it with a new one.

pc is on but no display on moniter

Hey, wow this is an old thread lol but I need help. So yeah I just built my new computer and same issue with no display but everything turns on. Is it possible that it be the CPU at all? I tried everything else and even bought a new mobo and two more sticks of RAM.
AMD A6-5400K
MSI A88X Gaming Mobo (figured if I had to buy a new one it would be a cool one, the previous mobo was the ASUS A55BM-K)
RAM- 2x2GB GSKill one 4GB GSkill stick
GPU- XFX Radeon R7750
480w PSU (Logisys I think)
Western Digital 500GB Storage Blue

Wow, these are old posts/thread. Unless I am missing it, don't really see an answer to the original 10 yr old post... But on my monitor, I have a white screen (sometimes goes dark). My mouse icon is visible and I can visibly move it around. Similar has happened before and I've fiddled around with the cables and screen has (eventually) come on; or if not, I have had to use the power button and reboot. Screen would come on then. I haven't now wanted to shutdown and reboot due to the fact that I had Windows 10 downloading on my PC trough a techie chat (I had a"Critical error...Start button...' frustration that wouldn't go away). So if I shut it off, don't think I will get that download back up plus no guarantee screen will come back up. Don't want to go through those frustrations again.
Can anyone help with a favorable result to getting my screen back up? I know that it is there staring at me, I just can't see it.

BTW,I hooked up the VGA cable to my TV monitor, but still no picture!

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