Ok guys im new here and i need help.

Today i was cleaning out my computer with a sort-of damp rag

I took the cooler master fan off and got all the dust out etc.

Put it all together, plugged the power supply back in. and after that i pressed the button to start it up and everything worked fine fans came on and graphics card started running too.

BUT! The monitor didnt turn on (because it was on standby) and i have a mouse that has lights.. that didnt turn on and my keyboard didnt either

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sorry for double post but..

its not my motherboard because i ahev a mousepad that lights up and that turns on so i dont think its the motherboard but i really am puzzled at this. its been 2 hours and ive taken all the parts out and put back in and nothing... :/ ... please dont tell me my motherboard is broken or ill be sad.. cause i have no money at all to buy a new one


I know this sounds blunt, but did you try to turn the monitor off and back on? Or did you check the monitor - vga connection?



Does your motherboard have a VGA port on it ?? If so remove the Graphics card and plug the monitor into the motherboard. This is to check the graphics card

The Bios should default to onboard graphics. Press DEL at start up and make sure this is so in the Bios.

If the system now starts properly. Shut it down and put the graphics card back in and seated properly. Restart and press DEL to enter the BIOS and set the proper config so that on restart it looks at the proper card.

Hope this helps

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I have been a tech for a while and for the past year I have had dozens of emachines come in with the same problem. One easy way to test out if it is your board is to unplug it. Then plug it back in if the pc turns on right away without hitting the power button then you have a faulty board. If this is the case I suggest that you change your power supply as well. this is due to the fact that the power supply surges and spikes the board 75% of the emachines that I have serviced this year had to have the power supply replaced I lost a few boards because of it. Lucky that I am a dealer and was able to exchange them.

Another way to test your board is to listen to any beeps if you do hear a beep that means that your board is ok. If you do not open up your pc pull out the ram and turn it back on this should give you several beeps if you still do not hear any thing then it is your board.

Hopefully this will help you out.

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