...and I'm also newbie, so this post could be moved if I miss the tread. Anyway,as I said, I speak (and write) english quite bad,so I'll try to be short: I need a, say, pro-opinion about characteristic and performance and possible problems about machine I'm testing right now. It's intended for me,and purely for home-use (about 60% of net surfing, 30% gaming -rarely top-of-the-notch new games- and 10 percent watching DVD movies). I'm not to making any money with this computer so I'm interesting can it last (say,for example, not overheating) in my small apartment for certain period. On the other hand,I'm in NO WAY want to overclock this machine or anything similar. Simply put,can this machine stay in right condition and compete for mid-market in, say, next 2 or even 3 years?

So,this is:
- Asus M2N-E, nForce 570 Ultra MC, S. AM2,Dual Ch. DDR2, 1xPCI-E x16, SATA Raid, LAN, ATX;
- ATH64-4200BOX x2 Dual-Core AM2 Athlon 64 2.2 Ghz, L2 512kb + L1 128kb, socket AM2;
- HDD's 320 Gb ATA and 80 Gb ATA, W-Digital/Maxtor;
- RAM DDR2, 2x1Gb, 240pin PC-667/CL5 Transcend Jet;
- Graph.Card PCI-E 256 Mb DDR2 2.8ns GeForce 7600GS,DVI,SilentFX,TV-out,128-bit;
- Chieftec box,DG-01BDU,350 Miditower Dragon, 350W,USB,3x5.25 and 2+3x3.5;
- 2x DVD-RW's Plextor,16x double-layer;
- Monitor Samsung 20" 205 BW, 1680x1050, TFT LCD Wide, 6ms, DVI;

Many thanks in advance to anyone could reply:lol:,Drake

Hi, I'm not a "pro", but:

Looks like a pretty good selection. The only problem is the PSU - 350W is most likely too weak for that hardware now and any later upgrade, maybe on the graphics card will render it useless. Also, don't look for the watts, choose a quality PSU and get sure that it provides at least 25A on the +12 rails. Watt means nothing.

Most "silent" graphics cards need a good airflow in the case. Sometimes the needed fans to provide that airflow are louder than the tiny fan on the "noisy" versions of the card. Hard to predict what's better.

My 2c...:mrgreen:

^What Homer said


AMD is infamous for their retail (sorry excuse for) CPU fan. When I was building my machine I didn't even bother to put it on. Got my self Thermaltake Golden orb II for ~$30. And NV Silencer for ~$30 too. (GeForce 7800 fan) And I'm not overclocking either. It is purely for my investment protection.

And one nice 120 mm fan on the chasis side would be just perfect for the wide and cool air supply.

If u are not gamer you could to buy cheaper video like GeForce7300GT or Ati x1600pro (1300XT).
And of course you need at least 450W PSU

Thank Ya all...In the meantime,I change something in this configuration based on your suggestions,and for last 7 days it works fine.Howewer,it's still on testing phase.I'll try to describe changings in detail later,but right now Omnicorp is on my tail:) ,so I got to be goin offline...Just for simple detail,I'll changed 2,2 MhZ AMD for 1,8 Intel,and somehow raised power...thank ya all for now,again,best wishes from D.E for now.;)

I'm not sure about CPU step. As far as I know Intel vs. AMD, it's a step back that you took. But, that would be if we were talking about single-core CPUs. Dual core..... Haven't had a chance to test them my self, but for gaming purposes, AMD eats Intel for breakfast. Doesn't matter if it has less MHz, or less L2 cache, it is the architecture. AMD is 2 years ahead of Intel, and cheaper too. (So I hear from ppl that had experiance with it)

I guess you changed a mobo too?

One thing more. This rig that you have is gamer's rig now, but next few years, it will be average... few years more, it will be 3rd world PC.
My point is, if you are not a big gamer, and you want something that will stick around for, say 5 years... this would be the minimum.
And Sli ready mobo wouldn't hurt either. For the future purposes.

Omnicorp....as from "Neuromancer"?