Hi all,
I am using P4, 2.8 Ghz, 40gb, 512 mb, MSI Turbo cache VGA card (PCI Slot).
It has been working fine since a year and a half but yesterday when i plugged new monitor in with my pc, it said NO SIGNAL. I replaced the monitor with old one (which was previously working fine) it also said NO SIGNAL. Please note that i was connecting the monitor signal cable to the usual motherboard slot for Video. Later i tried with connecting the signal cable to the slot provided in VGA card, the monitor started working fine.
Additionally, when i removed the VGA card, monitor started showing something but didnt fully load the Windows and was taking long long time so i had to shut it off.
I am writing this question from the same system but i am little confused. Why the usual motherboard slot for video is not working. I think there is something wrong in the PC that can cause harm in future. Please help me!

Muhammed Ali

I believe what you are describing here is dual monitor display. if add a new card to your motherboard, your computer will use the new card instead of the on board card. windows may show the start up screen on both screen while loading but once it starts up it will drop down to one display. some times windows does not update the other display so it appears to get stuck on starting windows. you can change what card you want to use for primary display. right click on your desktop > click properties > settings > Display (and select the video card you want to be the primary display). *note* you need both cards in to change this settings.

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