I have a Radeon All-in-Wonder 256mb agp card and an Acer al1916 lcd monitor. The problem I'm having is if I have to restart for any reason, ie. downloads, updates, etc. , the system will shut down but the monitor says no signal. The only way that I can get the monitor to work correctly is to reset my CMOS. Then it starts normally, all is good, except I have to reset the date again. I don't know a whole lot about this video card. I noticed that there is a plug on the card (4 pins) near the top. It is labelled JU10. Any ideas what it's for? and will it cure my problem. thanks

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That header's not going to do anything for you.

Do you see ANYTHING when it boots? If the answer is no, you might want to consider purchasing a new video card, or even a power supply. If you see the BIOS POST screen, it could just be a driver issue.


I'm also getting a similiar symptom.

recently my computer died due to a bad psu so i took the entire system into the store i bought my computer at to get an exchange (i am under warranty still) for a new psu.

well they did exchange a new psu and did all the installation stuf.

now my computer will only sometimes display and run fine but nearly 80% of the time i get this audio message at the beginning - system failed mediator and also no display.

my computer specs are as followed

windows xp pro sp2
a8n-sli premium mobo
amd athlon x2 4800+ cpu
ocz gold ram 2 gig
antec true power 2.0 550w psu
500gig/2 seagate barracuda sata hhd

the system is less than a year old...and this is really driving me nuts...

i really want to get my files and personal stuff T_______T out...


hey im having a problem also we bought new graphics card and y comp says no input signal! how do u reset cmos and will it erase everything like my software for cd burner dvd burner and all my other software....????i need help i know its not my monitor bc its a brand new monitor someone help me

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