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My computer won't turn on after being shut off until I unplug cord and plug back in! I know there are many things it could be but I will explain a little of the situation. It started about a little while ago when I came to turn the computer on. It would not start. I unplugged the computer and pressed the power button and it started. I have been doing some experimenting and found this out.
On the mobod there are three little blue lights. When I push the power button one of the blue lights will come on and not the other two and it won't start. I then unplug the cord and the blue light goes out after about 5 seconds. I plug it back in and push power and it starts. It runs fine when on.
It is and Epox mobod with an antec case and a 350watt smart psu.
Has anyone experienced anything like this?

That smart PSU can be "not so smart". Thing is, it has protection against shorting, so if it thinks that there is a shorting somewhere, it will cut off the power. Unplugging it from the mains resets that protection. You need to find out what is causing it to cut off the juice.

I suggest that you do a one-by-one elimination test by unplugging one thing at the time. (Ex: first try without HD, then plug in the HD and try without CD drive etc.). Test is simple: Turn on, turn off, turn on. If it turns on again, you have your suspect.

If the peripherals are not the cause, focus on th fans, CPU, and PCI cards. (including VGA).