I need help badly...:sad:

I tried installing win Xp on my new pc with gigabite ga-945p-s3 motherboard, the first time went ok. After installing the graphic card driver, monitor and all, i noticed part of the HD I partitioned at setup showed 0 volume. So unfortunately I decided to install the OS again- bad call.
In the middle of setup I got an error message on a blue screen, saying something about preventing damage to my computer and ending with" beginning memory dump".... and it just hang.
the real problem is, after restart the keyboard didn't function anymore- the keyboard flashes once or twice and shuts down. there is only one beep. Tried hitting del in this short interval, no response yet.
On the screen I get only the CPU name and bios version,and on the bottom some instructions (del for bios etc, ) or in other times on the bottom of the screen it says" preparing setup..."
I can't go any further since I can't use the keyboard to hit del or anything else. the pc won't boot. also it doesnt have a floppy. can I access the bios with no keyboard? what else can I do?
I should mention I cant open the case - i've never seen the insides of a comp yet, and I don't want to do more damage. (it's not even mine)

I would appreciate your help, i'm really at a loss...

Mobo Name : ga-945p-s3
-------------------------- : ?
BIOS Ver : award v6.00pg
CPU Brand : Intel Model : pentium D945 Speed : 3.4Ghz
Memory Brand :Aeon, DDRII 512M X2 (1Gb), 667
graphic card- saphire radeon X550

First take a deep breath of air u have to stay as calm as you can when dealing with microsoft lest you let them make you ruin a perfectly good computer by getting angry and doing something stupid like throwing it out of a window.

Shutdown you computer completely and walk away for a minute or 2 and then come back to it. When you come back to it check everything is plugged in properly to the back (especially your keyboard) and Find out what sort of keyboard you have either USB or PS2 and let me know what sort it is. Also check the LED lights on the keyboard and check if they are coming on when you turn the computer on. Turn on your computer with the XP boot CD in the drive. See if this works. If it does reinstall windows XP making sure you have at least 6GB on the partition.

If your keyboard still does not work and its USB then try swapping to a different port and trying it. if this still does not work try using a front USB port.

You might also like to try using a different keyboard and seeing if that will work.

If none of these things work then let me know and we will then talk about opening your computer up :o

thanx for trying to calm me down- I wouldn't be so troubled if it was mine, but it's a friend's who doesnt know about it yet...:rolleyes:
anyway I disconnected everything from the back except the keyboard (its not USB), and after a night's sleep it did came back one and entered the bios. I changed the boot priority so it would boot from the cdrom . it restarted and then once again, the keyboards led lights flash once at restart and that's it.
A different keyboard also doesnt work. The keyboard isnt USB so there are no other ports to try it in.
Booting from cd still doesnt work- I get the same screen of preparing for setup.
THe cd btw is fine- tried it in another comp and it is bootable...

quick update- I took it to the computer lab of the store I bought it from, turned out one of the memory cards was faulty and they replaced it. thanks for the help :)

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