:eek: I gave an Dell 2400 to a friend of mine a few days ago. He just called and said

I power up and see WindowsXP then a blank screen. I then tried F8 to go into safemode but the screen went blank again. Next I hit F1, it said dell did not start your PC for safety reasons and said a new software or hardware may have been added.

I don't have recovery disc, Dell won't help.... any idea's how to get to "System Restore". Or even a way to get it running, I don't care if I lose any files, Thanks.

ps. I just found this website, great!

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You problem is not having recovery disks.

I suggest that you track down person you bought that laptop from, and request the disks, for they belong to you. They are to be as considered part of the laptop, because Microsoft says:
"...the pre-installed operating system license is only valid when used on the original machine for which it was first installed..."

That goes for recovery disks too.

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