Ok I have a K7N2 Kelta series mobo with an Athlon XP2400+ cpu, one stick of pc 2100@133 fsb 256m ram and a stick of pc 2100@133 fsb 512m ram, with a Nvidia Geforce 5200 vid card. My problem is while im playing my game Red Faction the whole comp will just freeze up and I have to reboot. It does not happen at a given time it is random. I have replaced my hdd thinking that could be it but it did not help I have also noticed the fan on my agp chipset was burnt out so i replaced but had to go to a smaller heatsink in the process. If anyone has any ideas what could be my problem please help me resolve this matter. Thank you for your time.

Does it happen any other time? In other games or programs?

If it's just in Red Factiob, then uninstall the game, delete any remaining traces of the program folder (to get rid of any configuration file that might have been left behind, and then reinstall it.

If the problem happens elsewhere, try putting the 512Mb RAM module in slot one and omitting the 256Mb module . Give the system a good workout and see if the problem persists. If so, give it a good workout with only the 256Mb module in slot one. You might be having compatibility problems between the two modules and your motherboard.

As far as I have been able to tell it only happens while playing that game. It has froze one time while playing Halo but that was it. As far as reinstalling the game I have done that prior to my new HDD plus i started fresh when i replaced it. I have had ppl tell me it could be the memory but I find it hard to believe it only happens with that game. OH I just remembered it did freeze one time while i was running prime95 to do a stress test that was just the other day.

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