Basically i think my freind overclocked my pc in the bios settings? now my pc switches on but no life on monitor! Which means i cant access the bios or anything else at all!!!

Please i have tryed for like 4 days to get some useful coherant advise but all i seem to get is, (HAVE U TRYED REMOVIN THE LITHIUM BATT 4 A WHILE) or (MAYBE U NEED TO GO INTO BIOS SETTINGS AND... blah blah blah) you get the point. lol.

Please cant someone HELP me!



Oh and yes i dont know how to reset the bios!?! That info may help me!

i have tryed for like 4 days to get some useful coherant advise but all i seem to get is, (HAVE U TRYED REMOVIN THE LITHIUM BATT 4 A WHILE)... blah blah blah) you get the point. lol.

Removing the battery would be the right approach if you know that someone mucked with your BIOS and you now can't even get a viewable display; removing the battery erases any custom BIOS settings and returns it to its factory default.

If what you're saying is that no one gave you any details on how to remove the battery, here 'ya go:

The BIOS/CMOS battery is usually a wristwatch-type battery (usually model # CR-2032), and is located on the computer's motherboard. Exactly where on the motherboard depends on the make/style of your particular board, but it's pretty easy to spot; it will look like this:


1. Unplug the AC cord from the computer.
2. Open the case and locate the battery.
3. Carefully lift the battery out of its holder.
4. Leave the battery out of the computer (and leave the computer unplugged) for at least a couple of hours. Some BIOSes will take only 30 seconds or so to discharge, but others can take hours.
5. Reinstall the battery, plug the AC cord back in, and turn on hte computer.

Nah tryed that one

i have a moderate understanding of hardware but i cant seem 2 reset my bios by removin the batt! i had the batt out 4 at least 24hours b4 retry. so am stumped? its an amd athlon board L7VMM3 the cpu is soldered 2 board so unremoveable, but everythin else is as norm?!?

1. Find out what your friend did to your system; it would obviously be helpful to know exactly what was altered. (hint: this might not be a BIOS issue at all.)

2. Hold down the "PgUp" key while booting the computer. On that model of motherboard, this is another method of clearing any BIOS/setup configuration changes.

3. Tell us what you've tried already in terms of troubleshooing steps, so we don't start suggesting things you've already tried. Please give us full details of what you've tried, and what the results were.

Have you considered the possibility that your vid card is bad ?

I'm sorry. Did you say the CPU is soldered to te board or the battery?

Try resseting the bios with the clear cmos jumper.Thats should revert it back to factory defaults.