I bought a Cool Colors SOHO tower. It has an LCD panel up front for the temperatures of the computer etc. Every now and then it will repededitly (spell?) beep at me. The temperature sensors are hooked up to the master hard drive, VGA card and CPU. The beeping tells me the computer is over heating. However, I have an Asus CUV4X-E motherboard and run the Asus software called Asus Probe. It reports that all temperatures are fine. The machine runs great and doesn't have a problem while the beeping occurs. All of my 10+ fans are fairly new and are all running. The BIOS also reports that the system temperatures are whitin the acceptable levels. If I push the reset button on the LCD panel, not the computer, it restarts the LCD panel and works fine for a while. If the system were to over heat the motherboard has sensors built in to it and would shut the computer down. I figured that pushing the LCD panel reset switch would be an okay fix for now until I can resolve the issue at a later date. Any ideas?

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the thermistors (temp sensors) for your LCD temperature monitor, may not be installed correctly. i recommend using heat conducting compound, and heat transfer tape to attach the thermistors to the heatsinks.

however, LCD temp monitors are ususaly inaccurate any way. e.g. my CPU currently registers at 41oC in the bios, and 27oC on my LCD.

another thing you can try is ajust the "alarm temperature" to a higher temperature.

i recomend "GateWatch Aerocool" for temperature, sound and fan speed control. ive got one and it kicks ass!

take a look: http://www.aerocool.com.tw/aerocool-files-v3/peripheral/gatewatch/gatewatch.htm

I used Asus Probe, This software came with my motherboard. It reports that the machine is not over heating and is functional. There shouldn't be any over heating going on anyways. I literally have 12 fans in the machine. My quick fix, take it as you wish, was to un-solder the speaker from the LCD panel. Not from the motherboard, But from the case LCD panel. It seems to work lol. Atleast for now.

Checking the bios is still more accurate than any software application...

What does the BIOS say your CPU temp is running?

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