I just shut down this computer and at first when i pressed the power up button. I would hear fans whirl, and start up(never got to boot screen stage or anything). I pressed it like 3 times at 5,10,15 minute intervals... thinking oh, it might be overheated, what I did was probally a big mistake. Now everytime I press the power button I get no responce from the computer at all. Im guessing power supply but its only a guess... any help is appreciated. Id give you specs but i cant open up system device manager to see whats on it :S lol

1.9ghz prossesor
1gig mem
x850 vid card

thats about alli can remeber, Only hardware added recently is USB floppy drive and I disconected that, which didnt do anything ^^ lol

I cant find an edit button so...

UPDATE: The little green light for motherboard is off... When i press the power button it flashes, also the fans turn like 1/20 of a complete rotation, but they do move.

Yay, power issues.

The little light ye see is pretty important, this is a definite house electrical/power supply/dud motherboard issue. You're either not getting appropriate power to the power supply--an issue found in older houses or bad power management--the power supply has gone to shit, the power supply is not properly connected to your components, the power supply killed the motherboard, or... well, loose heatsink might cause this too. :S

Lots of problems possible. If you get any news on it, holler.

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