there is a problem in my sound device........
my system stops producing sound after every minute or two.
and resumes after a while.and sometimes it stops for eternity
and i have to log off . i have talked to lot of persons but nobody was able to even discribe that what problem it could be.....solution is far away.......
some its so irritating that i have to shut down
my system.

so i want to know what this problem really is?and what could be its possible solution.


with regards

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Is this as onboard sound card or an add on sound card?

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Is this as onboard sound card or an add on sound card?

I have the same problem as sharad_85 Plllllzzzzzzzzzzz help me!!!!!

Hi, first access device manager and note the status of the sound device , whether windows has detected a problem (yellow !)
If so consult the troubleshooter applet of the device in properties for advice

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