Okay…I give up. I’ve got to ask for some help.

I recently re-installed XP Media Center on my Dell Dimension E310. Now, whenever I re-start I have no sound. And when I go the Control Panel, I get the “No Audio Device” with all of the selections grayed-out. And I mean all of them: The Volume section, the Sounds section, the Audio section…all of them. When I troubleshoot the hardware it says the device is working properly.

I’ve searched this site, the web (and lots of other techie sites!) and have noticed this same problem reported by many others. And I’m pretty sure I’ve tried all the solutions presented. Either I’m a dope (real possibility there), or something’s wack.

I’ve reloaded the correct motherboard drivers, the video drivers and the sound card (SigmaTel, onboard) drivers, from both the Dell site and from the individual manufacturer sites. I’ve un-installed and installed again. Everything. In the correct order. I’ve re-installed XP Media Center and even re-installed just plain ole XP Pro, trying to figger this out. I’ve gone through the PNP Device Enumerator “solution”.

I’ve gone to the “services” and made sure the Windows Audio is set to “Automatic” and is started. I’ve stopped it, rebooted and re-started it and re-booted it.

I’ve read and read and read and then tried and tried and tried potential solutions, but it keeps being a bad, bad, misbehaving system. I’ve used both Belarc and Everest Home Edition. When the sound’s not working, neither one even see my sound card. When it’s working, they see it. These programs are how I know it’s a Sigmatel card and how I know my motherboard manufacturer, for the correct drivers.

Periodically, the sound will come on and everything will work perfectly. The machine is fast, the sound is great and nothing seems wrong at all. I will set a restore point at that time, place and configuration. When the sound “fails” again, I go back to the restore point and…no sound.

I can log off and re-logon and it’ll be fine. BUT…if I re-start, it comes back up with the no sound, no device thing I described above.

When I look in the Device Manager, the only yellow question mark I get is the “PCI Simple Communications Controller” one. And when I try to “update” the driver, the system won’t find one. I’ve tried to search the web for one, but nojoy up to now.

Two more pieces of info: When the sound’s not working, many times the PC will just seem to lock up. The cursor “hourglass” will just spin. Like for 5 or 10 minutes (sometimes until I just power the thing off). And periodically, when the PC catches up, the sound will work fine. It’s as if the computer’s trying to bring the drivers up, is having a hard time with it, and once it gets it all straightened out everything works great. ‘Til I re-start.

The second thing is that when I look in the device manager, I have TWO instances of the Plug and Play Device Enumerator. And they’re the same. Maybe they’re colliding. I can’t find out how to uninstall one of them. “Uninstall” isn’t an option presented.

I’m at my wit’s end. I’m not at that particular computer right now (on the road for work), but I’ll try to answer any questions you have to try to help diagnose/solve this deal. I do have logmein working, so I can probably find out whatever’s necessary from where I am.

As a side note, I’ve tried drinking more, but that just makes things fuzzier and doesn’t solve the problem <grin>. Maybe I’m not drinking the right stuff…Any suggestions along this line may not solve anything, except help kill the pain…

Any help would be appreciated.


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maybe you should go to the doctor cuz i think your just going def!!! :-)

It sounds like you have covered all the bases that i would have suggested. have you considered that it might be a hardware problem?

Is the computer still under warranty? if so i would send it back and make them fix it since it is causing so much misery.

I have exactly the same symptoms in my PC. No sound, TWO "PnP Software Device Enumerator" .
But all this are valid only for the first partition. At the other partition (WIN XP SP2 too) the SOUND IS PERFECT. So it is not hardware problem.
Thanks in advance .

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