This is the first computer my brother has put together. He used an ECS Elitegroup L7VMM3 v3.0c mobo. He was able to power up, but when he tried to install Windows 2000, a STOP-IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error message came up. He went and changed some settings in the CMOS, and tried again. This time, it copied the files, but when it restarted, the NTLDR missing error message came up. So far, he was able to install Windows 98, but was unable to install all the drivers even with the support CD, and several errors have come up; most of it occurs after a restart. One time an error message came up that said one of the Windows 98 system files were missing, and had to reinstall the OS. He is really frustrated right now. We haven't been able to get Windows 2000 on it; we were planning on installing Windows XP on it, but I don't think it will work right now.:sad:

depending on the specs of the computer, I seriously doubt this is a hardware issue (unless it's maybe a failing hard disk), but more than likely is an IRQ conflict between the drive controller and maybe one of the items in a PCI slot. First thing I would do is to set all of the options in the bios to default, and take out any items in the PCI slots, and see if you continue to experience issues. If not, start adding them back in 1 by 1 until it does generate issues and you will know what is causing it.

Personally, XP does have MUCH better driver support than any of the aformentioned OS's, and if the PC can handle it, I would recommend installing the newer version.

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