My PC has 2 USB ports and only one of these works. If I plug into the other one nothing happens. Checked my bios set up and I only have one selection available for enabling USB. It is set properly since the one USB port works just fine.

Any ideas???

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It is possible for the port to go bad itself or that the wireing to the port maybe loose. Also, if it is a usb port that is mounted on the front of the case, the wire leads going to the motherboard may be loose as well.


Thanks for the reply. I considered that but the USB ports are both on the same "component"... so wiring is not likely to be any issue. Also, the one that doesn't work never worked at all. I didn't worry about it at first. I am just now trying to get it to work so I can plug something else in without having to unplug and replug in my new (USB port only) printer.

Is there any way I can test the second port to see if it is even powered up?

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