I am thinking of buying a new Laptop and want to know everyones opinion on the most efficient proccessor ??
I do some DTP and photo work and I don't play games (crap co-ordination )
I know that battery life is also important and certain proccessors give longer working times without mains power ..

fire away techies !!!!!:eek:

not too sure about lappies, but from what I've heard, if you can afford it, go for an Intel Centrino technology based system. Gives the best performance.

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thaks again goldeagle.....................any others out there with new laptops to boast about

Seconding GoldEagle's choice ;)

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what about screens then !! I live in sunny Costa del sol ,Spain and can,t see my screen when i'm outside on the terrace .....what laptop has the best screens or will i have to move to a darker area !!!!??/!!

One of the best screens I've seen is currently on alot of the Dell XPSs. It's treated with some sort of anti-reflectant. In addition, the screen itself is very bright.

Damn...very true.

Then again, you could always keep it on a medium setting, and only turning it up when ya need it. (This is what I currently do)

I'm a laptop man myself, owning....4 :cheesy:

Uh...I think amd makes some mobile processors with low power consumption, Sempron and Turion models. The Mobile Sempron 3600+ is the best I think but also the most expensive. If you want dual core power Turion has some. Intel's good too!

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