Western Digital - The drive some how it must of shorted out.

It was setup as my slave drive and the problem for me

is that this drive has valuable pictures and file.

Seagate SCSI Hard drive
This drive went install the pc will not boot or post.

Any help on both of these drives I will be eternally grateful


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Well if the pictures are really important and you have anywere from 300 to 1000$ or more in your back pocket you can send it to a company (there are many) and they will take the disks out of the hard drive that is shorted and install them in another harddrive and send it back to you and it should look just like it did when it died.

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If you aren't 100% sure that the drive is shorted out...try replacing the cable and giving it a go. I've had some of those go bad in computers I worked on in the past. Another thing you can try is to find another computer and see if someone will pull the info off of it (if it isn't shorted) and that is assuming that your friends have the same HD interface as you and also is assuming that if the cable isn't bad and your drive isn't shorted...assuming that, I would point to the bad part being the HD controller.

If you can't track down a friend to help you out...you could give a controller card a go. Find a PCI controller card that you can plug the hard disk into and see if that works for you. Remember, this is assuming that the hard disk isn't shorted out. If you're sure it is...might as well do what viper said...cuz if it's shorted, it's dead and the only people that can save any data after that are the product engineers/specialists.

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