This is a wee but worrying - I have recently finished building my pc, using a Pentium 4 Prescott 2.4ghz

Now, I know that prescott has been dubbed "preshott" and that it is known for getting VERY hot, but 80 degrees is very dodgy.

My case is a bit dodgy on the cooling front, but it should give some effect:

Rear 12 cm fan
CPU duct on side panel

As soon as I start my pc up, my cpu will immediatly jump up to 80 degrees, which again is suprising...

Apparently the only real thing to do is to get a better heatsink or cooling system for the CPU, but I am no real expert on cooling, and hoped any of you could point me in the right direction. Any short term fixes will be welcomed too :)


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wow, 80 is really hot. I had a 3ghz s478 running over 60°C. The thermal paste under the heatsink was somewhat dry and had a little bit of dust on so the heat wasnt transferring very well to the heatsink. It might be the case for you. If so, you could try to change this paste, it could shave off a couple of degrees. What case model do you have?

What kind of CPU usage during these extended periods.

I just have a feeling if you try to run some intensive games and recheck it you could be in for a shock.

I run games like css, UT2004 etc, but the temperature remains at 80 D:

Could be you termal sensors on th motherboard shock it run stable at 80 c
P4 usally slow down around 65 c .

So it's my mobo that is making it run at 80 constant, or is it just reading it wrong?

If you cpu running at full speed it more likely reading it wrong but to be on the safe side if you are using a stock heatsink fan replaced it with a better one a zalman or coolmaster, also use sliver compound paste, it will bring the temperture down a few degrees.

also sometimes the thermal paste might "tear" when you put your heatsink on, and heat can build up in that tear. Might try and reapply with arctic silver 5.

Is the BIOS saying that it is 80 or is it an on-case display. My BIOS reports about 7 degrees hotter than my case.

I got a 3.2 prescot and Cooler master Hyper 6 and the temperature is 45-52 (idle to fully loaded) . 80 degres seems too high to me. Chech this things
- cooler and the thermal paste
(using some silicon based paste and arctic silver 5 gives you just a 2-3 degres of C diference)
- Check the voltage in bios, since the Prescot works on 1.3 V and the Northwood work on 1.56
It may look loke a small diference in voltage but it might be a reason
- Check is it overclocked
What you descibes a think it is a voltage.

greetins, sory for bad english

I got a 3.2 prescot and Cooler master Hyper 6 and the temperature is 45-52 (idle to fully loaded).

Hi. Maybe you can post your previous temps with the stock cooler? nice to compare. I'm looking for a new cooler/heatsink.

BTW, how about your room temp?


Sorry to hijack, but in some sort, my preshott is burning a bit.

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