As of recently I got athlon +2800 xp and a asus 17n8x-x motherboard. From knowlage from sources it is said that it's actualy speed is 2.2GHZ. When my computer starts up it says its 1.25Ghz along with some other useful tools that tell your computers speed. Maybe i misunderstood what the sources said and its suppost to run like 2.2Ghz, but i had this problem before with my athlon +1800 xp.

My system-
Athlon +2800 xp
Asus A7N8X-X
Gforce FX 5200 128MB ram
SB Live.
785DDR 333


I have a similar problem on my IBM 300GL that is running at my parent's house running Linux. The BIOS config page says it is running 333 MHz, Linux reports at 133 MHz, and when booting, I think the BIOS reports 266. I do not remember because I have not had to reboot the box in over a year.

Anyway, the thing works.

If you are curious, go and download a performance testing program, and have it run the tests, and see how it compares to a "known" box.


Your Athlon 2800+ should run at 2083MHz. (It may vary a few MHz from that but it should not be more than about 5MHz difference.)

In BIOS setup, it should be set to a core clock speedof 166MHz and a core clock multiplier of 12.5x. You should also have your RAM set to run at 333MHz.

Check BIOS setup for the settings you have for those to ensure it's configured correctly. If those are correct, then please discard any utility programs which are misreporting it. If they're not correct, then change them.

Ah thank you catweazle that fixxed the problem everything is being displayed correctly now. I would increase your reputation again if ti would let me:)

Just so everyone knows, the 2800+ in the AMD AthlonXP "2800+" processor title is not its speed. The 2800+ is called a PR (Performance Rating) Number: the speed of the most comparable Intel Penitum 4 processor. My AthlonXP 2800+ runs (for me) at 2.09ghz; however mine has a 333mhz Front Side Bus. I'm pretty sure there is a 266mhz front side bus version that runs at 2.1 or 2.2ghz.