Hey is a compaq presario; it has a socket 478B, 2.5Ghz processor, 512MB Ram the problem is that when I turn the pc on the pc start the power supply the cpu fan and then goes to the compaq main screen and starts beeping the beeping pattern is one short beep a fast short beep for few seconds a fast shorts beeps then it stay in a constan beeeeeeeeeeeee, and then I see a different of speed on the cpu fan it decress the speed,I know for a sure is not the cpu, power supply or the ram I test those in my other system and it work perfect but when I take out the ram the beeping pattern change just for long beeps constanly plus my keyword don't turn on the LED lights when the system start and dont work neither and I check the Hard drive in other system and I get an ERROR loging operating system I'm not sure whats the problem I think it could be the mother board I need your help
Thank you.....

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If you could let us know what model your Presario is we could find the beep code for it, or you could google the model with beep code and see what comes up.

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