Hi, i have a problem with my hp and xp. I scanned my system for viruses as usual, and noticed spyware at c:\temp. I booted my comp at safe mode, and deleted the whole temp and temporary internet files folders, and booted. Now it doesent run Windows at all, it just boots itself all the time. It goes to the Hp Invent bluescreen and then just boots itself. I really wouldn't want to install it all over again, so any help is much appreciated.

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Did you delete the entire folders or just the contents? If just the contents, it shouldn't have created any problems. I'm not sure what happens if you delete the folders themselves.

Try using System Restore to go back to a date before you deleted anything.

thx man, got it already

Do you mind telling us what you did in case it comes up again?

just the basic reinstall, which is great in fact, no files were deleted, only the windows files reinstalled, and at the same time all the viruses got deleted. mozilla + zonelarm + norton = my combo ;)

I have a serious problem, my laptop gives me some safemode options, but no matter what I have done so far, it always ends up rebooting in some way.
It started after I did a manual shutdown when it froze while the antivirus BitDefender was updating.

Any ideas?

I have a HP Invent machine and when I switch it on it comes with a blue screen and the words HP Invent and does not do anything else Can I get some help?

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