Hi everyone!

First off, I'd like to say thank you to anyone in advance who can help me with my crucial situation.
I'm having a problem with my BIOS. See, I thought I knew about computers more than I do and was trying to fix the problem on my own, but I may have done more harm than good.
I have 2 hard drives, a MAXTOR and an IBM, and then I have a MEMOREX CDROM drive. I need help with where to put the ribbon cables, which end of the ribbon cable goes where, what to make the master and the slave, and the boot order.
I am using XP PRO, and my BIOS is Phoenix BIOS 4.0 Release 6.0
I'd like to be able to reinstall XP or repair without losing what i have on my system.
thanks again,

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What is your computer brand and model, or your motherboard model. Which operating system? Do you have a recovery disc set that came with the computer, or are you using a Microsoft Windows XP disc set? Which hard drive do you want to be primary and which is secondary.
Do you have EIDE ATA-133 cables? They will have 80 conductors and 40 connectors.
What have you changed so far to bring you to this point? Are you just adding a drive, or have you made more significant changes.
It sounds as if we can get you where you want to be easily, but it would help to have more information.

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