I have just spent the past hour placing half the keys back on my laptop. I have three keys left and have no idea where they go. I have a Aspire 1710 and the keys left are as follow:
Prt Sc Sys Rq, Pause Break, and the Scroll Lock

If anyone can just help, I would appreciate it. And please do not email me and tell me to be more careful with my computer. My husband did it!


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you should take more care of ure computer :P. nah just kidding its good that your kid is getting into computer at a younger age. Wave of the future!

The key order should go like this however scroll lock,Pause break,print screen.

This should be the right order unless my keys are around the wrong way as well.

Another order u can try, which is the standard order for desktop keyboards is printscrn, scroll, pause but im pretty sure this is the desktop one and the first one should be right(im typing on an aspire 1710)

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