Hi im new,

I have had my pc for a year now and i built it nyself. But latly i have tryed to play games on the machine, But after 10-20 mins of playing the game the screen just goes blank but the machine still runs.


AMD 3200+

2gb corsair ram

6600 navida pci-e gfx card

1 exust fan

1 side fan

1 top fan

and a fan on the cpu and gfx card

asus a8n motherboard

It this because the graphics card is overheating or what? Please
help :rolleyes:

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Well, you can check the GPU temp with the new nVidia control panel. Just download the latest drivers and get out of the games after 10 mins and check the temperature, if it's more than 80` C, then you might be having problems with it.

All fixed now i reinstalled windows and updated the drivers i think i downloaded bad drivers thanks for your help anyway one thing though in 3dmark 06 my score with the cpu at 2500mhz i get 1752 the graphics card is at 550/1014 is this the best that i can get?

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Great news about the drivers!!! I guess so about the score...

my card overheated, i baught one of this exchausts with fans that fit into a PCI slot

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