Greetings all. I have the dreaded IDE#1 Error. I have a Toshiba Satellite 2455-S305 with an SD-R6012 DVD/CD combo.

Recently and without warning the bloody thing stopped writing/reading BLANK DVD's. I can read regular movie DVD's just fine.

I purchased a new TSL532 DVD/CD combo drive, Version 051, ROM Ver. HR08.

The drive is set to CSEL (it is stamped as such on the drive sticker). I followed the directions from the other lengthy thread, however, now my problem is that when I insert the drive into my laptop, the drive's LED continually Flashes and does not respond to anything, even pressing the eject button on the drive itself =(

I have an external USB enclosure, but when I use it with the drive, the LED still flashes and the drive does not respond.

I am stuck!! Your assistance is appreciated.

Here is a movie of the flasing LED:


By the way, the LED flashes even when I open the drive tray manually??

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Is this the only drive on the IDE cable? If it is try changing the jumper on the rear from cable select to master, if it's not and it's connected to the middle (slave) connector change the jumper to slave.

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