Okay, here's the scoop. I have a Compaq Presario R3000. I have a virus that infected my UPnP drivers, so I can't regularly use UPnP. Everytime i do, there's a decent chance of getting the blue-screen of death and I don't appreciate that.

So. I need to restore the factory settings, but I'm afraid I really don't know how. I have all the Cds that came with the computer, so that's not a problem. I plan on putting x64 on it, and if necessary I'll put regular pro on. I just need to know how to wipe the hard drive.

Any help is appreciated!

I own a Pressy r3000 so we're brothers. Wanna wipe the drive? Put in the restore cd and just run it. All it is is an OEM version of the Windows Xp installation.

Will I have to install SP2 seperately? Or does it install automatically with the restore on an R3k?

Yea update service pack 2, and download the latest updates. I recommend you do Microsoft update because it covers a wider scope than Windows update. You will want to choose the custom option, and run Microsoft update repeatedly until you install all of the updates you want. Tip, it never finds all of the updates in one go.

Okay, but what about if I were to just wipe the hd, then put a different windows version on? Would the process be that much different? Because I was going to replace home sp2 with pro, and possibly put on x64 as well (or instead). What would I have to do differently?

You'd still want to run Microsoft update all the way through even after u ger pro.

Well, yeah, but would I still use my compaq cd to wipe the drive, or would a windows disc of a different version still do it?

Well, I'm about to do it. So thanks, and wish me luck.

Just for the record, I'm doing it this way:
1.) Use Compaq windows disc to reformat, and install drivers.
2.) Use Windows XP pro 64-bit to upgrade my home edition.
3.) Install, seperately, Windows XP pro (normal)
4.) Then download and install vpc and debian 'etch,' as per this forum's recommendations.

Alright, well. All is good so far. I can't install windows XP pro sp2, because I already installed x64, apparently. Oh well, I will deal with this version for now. But, hey!

I can't reinstall my drivers using the software and driver restore CD that came with my computer; it won't autoplay!

how can I set 5yr Compaq Computer (S100) restored to factory default setting. problem ...can't uninstall nor reinstall Internet Explorer 8 nor Itune.

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