I've been trying to fix an old computer for a long time. I've tried everything, but still no look. My problem is that I can't install an OS on it. If I try install xp or server 2003, it'll give me the blue screen of death, or say something's messed up with the NTFS.SYS

I've tried 2 different hd's, but I get the same errors. Any help would be appreciated.

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What exactly was the message you received with the bsod?

Have you tried wiping the drive prior to partitioning and installing the OS?

You can download a free trial of Wipe Drive here.


something's up with NTFS.SYS on the first drive. On the second one, it says there's a problem with new hardware.(I've never put any new hardware expect for maybe a video card).

And yes I've wiped both hard drives many times.

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