Anyone got info ona vendor with a selection of mother boards for laptops. I've got an HP ze4400 that's about worthless cuz 1) Blank display / Won't POST and 2) It's got an AMD (Athlon XP-M) proc in it. I'd like to score a pentium m for it, and if anyone can recommend a good sized hard drive that would be killer also. This is the gonna be the first laptop I've modded, any pointers are greatly appreciated..... MK2

Sounds to me like you don't like ANYTHING with that laptop.

Hmm... custom built laptop.... If that thing EVER sees the daylight, I bet it would be the ugliest laptop in town. Putting laptop together out of different parts is next to impossible without a ton of loctite.

I can imagine changing HD or DVD drive. Or even CPU on laptop, but mobo? With laptops, mobo is the core. It comes with everything from graphics to shape and position of screws and holders. So you can't just swap them around. It is simpler and less stressing to ditch what you have and get something else. Difference of the shapes of things, design and all that makes it is practically impossible to swap DVD drives between, say, Toshiba and HP because they just don't fit. Or "almost" fit. Not to mention display. I'm not sure how "standard" is the connection between display and graphic card, but I wouldn't be too surprised if dell's display won't fit on Sony.

And if you DO manage to patch something together:

1 - would it be capable of carrying around without causing occasional fire or exposion?
2 - what would it look like (read: how embarrassing would it be for you to bee seen in a vicinity of one? I'm sure it would have a winning personality...)

The moral of the story:
If you feel creative, build a desktop.

Desktops just don't do it for me anymore. Plus there's no challenge in building a desktop, any n00b can do it (mind you being able to build and actually having one you've built boot up are completely different). I'd like it just fine the way it is, if it would POST, but what can you expect from something sportin AMD? No matter what parts need to be swapped, might as well try something I've always wanted while I'm at.

Why not swap MoBo's, 65% of laptop chassis on the market today come from one of three (you can count that high right?) manufacturers. The more people that start modding laptops the more accessible the parts will become. Desktop modding didn't just all of sudden appear with the net, god knows how many hours geeks spent in there garages fabricating their parts. The part I'm having difficulty with is finding someplace I can buy that 1 board instead of 100 cases of boards. Live a little, try something a little more challenging for once, you know as well as I do it can be done..... MK2

PS - How's your wife and my kids???

(you can count that high right?)
PS - How's your wife and my kids???

Take a hike boy, you're not welcome here.

P.S. How's your mother???


A suggestion from your friendly neighborhood moderator:

Play nicely folks. I sense a little tension in this thread; let's not let it turn to flame...


ive got a P3-M 1ghz laptop motherboard out of a thinkpad if anyone wants it

i love that animation
weve got a load of corny ones like that at college
e.g theres one that says "due to current economic difficulties the light at the end of the tunnel will be cut off"

Just wanted to be sure you knew I was taking full responsability for my actions and that I knew exactly what I was doing when I posted.

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