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Hey all,

I have an LCD monitor that is just over a year old and has recently started to exhibit some pixel errors. I have 2x 2-pixel wide vertical lines (1 red, 1 blue), 1x 1-pixel wide vertical line (green), and 2x 1-centimeter wide vertical areas that show these errors.

The errors only show up with certain levels of gray. I can have a pure red or blue or green screen and there would be no problem. No errors show with even a black desktop, but with a certain shade of any color (including most prominently grayscale) most of the error shows up.

Note that these are neither stuck nor dead pixels as with most colors and shades, they do not show. However, I am a gamer and in worlds of multiple shades and colors, this is completely unacceptable.

I have swapped out the monitor for another 19" LCD of the same specs but different make/model and the problem is non-existant thus leaving the error to the monitor itself.

I have tried all combinations of suggested resolutions, colors, and refresh rates. I have tried analog cables and DVI and the problem persists. I have uninstalled and wiped the drivers for all relevant components and reinstalled them.

I am not ready to give up on my investment now, so any suggestions are welcomed.

Thanks in advance.

PS -- I have no camera so I can't take a picture of the error. I will see about posting one soon enough.

Computer Specs:

AMD AthlonXP 2000+
MSI KT3 Ultra2, Via Kt333 chipset
512MB PC2100 RAM
Leadtek Geforce6600 GT
SoundBlaster Audigy
Generic Ethernet Card
Generic TV-Adapter

Hmm, a genral fix would be if you just tried dusting it, it might be a heat issue, otherwise, check if its still undr warranty

I think it might be the video card

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