Whenever I restart I'm told the comp needs to run the Chkdsk. But it freezes at 16% of stage two every time. I can restart and skip the scan, and I don't receive any other error messages while using the pc. This only happens if I want to reboot.

I also can't boot up in safemode. I can get as far as telling the comp to boot up in safemode, it starts to, and then freezes before it loads. Once again, I can power down, skip the Chkdsk scan and XP loads up.

My comp is getting slower and slower, and something at start up is running that takes literally an hour to finish. I can't indentify it, and am clueless about alot of what is supposed to be running and what isn't. If I could get into safemode, I could run the adware/spyware/etc scans but... I can't.

Help? :)

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Have you scanned for bugs? Most manufacturers have a downloadable diagnostic tool that you make a CD from and boot with it to check out your hdd. If you know what hdd you have try that.

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