After I shut down my pc, I cannot start it back up by pushing the power button. I get no noise, no activity, and the only light I see is the green one on my mobo. After waiting 5 minutes it starts up no problem. It also has no problems with restarts. Once the machine is running, it runs perfectly normal for days on end.

Before making this post, I tried the following, all to no avail: I switched the power cord, I tried a different power outlet, I checked my BIOS settings, checked the wire from the PS to the mobo, and I ran Memtest86 (no errors).

I also bought a power supply, but it looks like an octopus, and I've never installed anything more complicated than a video card, so I thought I'd check with the members of this board before I blindly try to install that PS.

So, my question is, does it sound like the PS, or something else? Also, is this a problem that I can live with, or is it usually a sign that something very bad is about to happen? Thanks.

sounds like the PSU yeah - maybe your draining too much power from it?

i only got a 200w psu and then i installed a new graphics card and it had a similar problem (the card was using all the juice)